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Roll Faster Poster – Aniek Bartels

25.00 incl. btw

Roll faster in pyamas, hoogwaardig gedrukte poster van Nederlandse illustrator Aniek Bartels

Formaat: A3
Papier: 300 g
*Let op alle prints worden geleverd exclusief lijst of ophangsysteem


Aniek Bartels (Blaricum 1989) is an illustrator & designer based in the Netherlands.
She has a Bachelor of Design in Illustration from Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.
Aniek believes our daily lives could use much more cheer, ease and fun, which is evident in her work.
The primary aim of her designs is to positively inspire people to be more playful.
This playfulness is present in every idea, drawing and final work that comes out of Aniek’s little studio:
there’s no need to be serious all the time! She loves to use her illustrations in a commercial
way and connect them to a cool brand or incorporate her work in a product.

Afmetingen29.7 × 42 cm