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Vrije Wroeters – Liekeland

55.00 incl. btw

Deze hele lieve prent is gemaakt door illustrator Lieke van der Vorst (Liekeland)
Gedrukt op 300 grams ongestreken, gebroken wit Munken papier van Arctic Paper. Dit papier word ecologisch geproduceerd in de natuurgebieden van Zweden, waar zij met zorg voor water en milieu duurzame papiersoorten produceren.

Het formaat van de prent is 80 cm x 60 cm en verpakt in een koker van stevig karton. Elke prent is gesigneerd.

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Hello, my name is Lieke van der Vorst, the illustrator behind Liekeland. I grew up in Kaatsheuvel, a small town in The Netherlands. Every Summer my parents would pack up our De Waard tent and we would drive 13 hours to the Provence of France to camp among the lavender fields. It was these times in nature that have influenced my life and work. Being kind to animals and the environment became an important part of my vision.

Nature is a recurring theme in my work, capturing a sense of positivity while still addressing serious issues. I try to use my illustrations to make a positive impact on the world and to practice green living as much as possible.

All of my illustrations are printed on Arctic Paper, which uses only a minimum amount of water and energy to produce their ecological and FSC-certified paper. This paper is printed locally, by Art Libro based in the Netherlands. Liekeland’s bags are made from firm organic cotton, in a fairtrade factory using water-based ink.


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